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  Agencja “Magart” was founded in May 1989 in Lodz by Marek Kaczmarek and Grzegorz Stepniewski, who have been its owners since that time. Before “Magart” appeared on the Polish artistic agencies’ market they cooperated with other similar agencies and artistic associations, e.g. Association of Light Musicians “STOMUR” in Lodz, “Comintor Agency, ZPRZWE in Warsaw and many other. 

        Within 20 years of its work, Magart’s basic and priority actions are based on organization of numerous and diverse events, starting with ice skating shows, ballet performances and revues performed by excellent groups from Russia. One of the most spectacular agency’s achievement is co-organization of the world-famous show – “Holiday on Ice” during its tournée in Poland. 

        The agency is proud of organizing numerous theatre and cabaret performances, concerts, outdoor events and exhibitions as well as circus shows. Magart has also published 12 different books including the series entitled „Nobliści” [‘The Nobelists’]. 

        With all responsibility we can say that we are a successful firm that is focused on local and international co-operation. Our objective is to entertain diverse audience from different age groups. We have been constantly and invariably following this path for many years. 

        We appreciate the quality and conscientiousness. These are the keys to our success and what gives us the trust of our audience who always willingly come back to take part in our events. 

        While keeping the traditions of the agency, we rely on the innovative solutions. If you are looking for the idea for a relaxing day, which you can spend with your family or friends, forget about the grey reality and move to the fairyland of the Andersen’s stories or visit the far-away land of the Wizard of OZ. You have to come and see one of our performances. Moreover, thanks to their high educational level, they provide perfect entertainment for children and teenagers.